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Cecilia Hamukale – Timperley UK

“Hi Katherine, you came to Manchester this year at Life Church Manchester. You preached and prayed, God touched my back and healed me (I had severe back pain-spasms). I have been pain free since that time. I did ask you to pray for my daughter who had a prolapsed urethra and my mum who had mental break down – they were all healed.”


Sue Smyth – Adelaide Australia

“Wow what a night Katherine. You had a word of knowledge for the pain in my tailbone. It was very painful sitting, but now it is 3 hours later and I’m still rejoicing that Jesus healed my spine. Praise His Holy Name. Love you Katherine. You carry the character of how I see Jesus with such love and joy. I pray that He continues to bless you in everything.”


Diabetes Healed in 2010

Tricia received prayer from Pastor Katherine on 16 January 2009 in Adelaide. She writes, “I believed I was healed of diabetes after responding and receiving prayer at the January 2009 conference. Well, after a series of tests over 18 months I can happily say that I now have medical documentation stating that I am no longer considered diabetic. Yeh God! My doctor is also a Christian and rejoices with me.” The doctor’s report states that in 2002 she was “a solid diabetic” but “in 2010 she is negative”.